Pet Place Plus

Wilson, WY
United States

Category  Appliances

Does a full-sized job in just half the floor space - fits almost anywhere
Extra-Large Door Opening - provides easy access inside the drum and makes it easier to load and unload large, bulky items
Bleach and fabric softener dispensers - automatically dispense at the right time
GentleBreeze drying system - uses a powerful airflow for fast, efficient drying and lower temperatures for gentle clothes care
DependableClean™ wash system - FlexCare™ agitator works with the rinse system to create a three-part wash system that is tough on dirt, not clothes
FlexCare™ agitator - moves clothes through the cleaning zone, gently massaging away dirt
Quiet Pack sound system for quiet performance
Three water levels
Permanent Press cycle - helps prevent wrinkles, so you spend less time ironing
Multicycle wash settings - match wash cycle to fabric type for optimal clothes care
Super capacity - handles large loads, which means less time spent doing laundry
Dryer\'s eye-level door, easy to reach lint filter - makes loading and unloading a breeze
Fine mesh lint filter - stops even tiny particles
DuraCushion™ dryer drum - chip- and scratch-resistant for a lifetime of tumbling
Dependable Drive® transmission - patented design with only three moving parts for longer life and few repairs
Premium porcelain-enamel top and lid - resists chips, scratches and harsh laundry chemicals - stays looking great for years
Premium porcelain-enamel tub - seamless porcelain-enamel finish won\'t snag clothes
Backed by Dependable Performance Warranty
Wash/Rinse Options
Extra rinse option - ensures removal of residue and detergents; great for sensitive skin
Three water temperature combinations - match water temperature to wash cycle for optimum cleaning
Control Panel
End-of-cycle signal - alerts you when the clothes are finished drying
Drying Options
Adjustable degree of dryness - choose dryness level best for your clothes
Delicate Setting - ultra-low temperature setting enables you to dry without damaging delicate fabrics